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Hi Janet,

Raindrop session was just amazing for me. Thank you very much. Please, write me my date and time for the next rain drop that I scheduled. I am so "high" that totally forgot which date I booked. Ha, ha. 

 S. Brown

Hi Janet, Thank you for the email and your continued research and dedication to the field of massage and integrative medicine. You are a wealth of knowledge and support and I am very appreciative of you. I usually follow your suggestions although it may be delayed. I most enjoy the foot and bath salt soaks that I buy from you and use after a busy exhausting day.

Your most helpful massages are those centered on back/shoulders/neck where most of my stress settles. You have a way of zeroing in on the "pain" areas and relaxing those stressed muscles. Thank you for all you do.


Three years ago I underwent a type of back surgery called Decompression and Fusion of the lower back.  The surgery was a success!!  I do however experience discomfort and pain due to muscle compensation of the skeletal system.  (I am very lucky.)

I started seeing Janet Sacco last year to address this muscle issue.  She listened to my history, location of discomfort and areas I wanted to be treated.

Janet suggested a two pronged approach, Traditional Therapeutic Massage and also Cupping.  It was the combination of the traditional approach along with the cupping that has made a phenomenal difference in my lower back.  (The cupping which utilizes glass cups which are suctioned to the body are moved over stressed muscles deep in the tissue.) 

For me this has been another success giving me a much better quality of life. I recently had an experience which could have turned into a nightmare, utilizing my pain management strategies and Cupping therapy my lower back was in its glory.


Sandy B

Magnificent Massage I have been going to Janet since July, 2008, and enjoy each visit immensely. Janet is very knowledgable, gentle and caring. She graciously offers health care tips for home use. I always look forward to my massages with Janet, she makes me feel relaxed and renewed. She is sensitivie and insightful to how the body functions. She will always offer special essential oils and techniques to help the body heal. I started seeing her for TMJ.  When she corrected the TMJ pain in one session I started going at least once a month.  Thank you Janet for your tender touch. 


HANDS OF GOLD I have been seeing Janet for 6 months now and always look forward to my next appointment. I always leave feeling refreshed and renewed. She is very polite, professional and one of the best masseuse around. Janet is very skilled at various forms of massage as well as techniques in energy work and essential oils. She has also made bath salts, salves and oil blends that have helped me keep up with my home health care. Janet simply the best....... 


Massage with Janet I have herniated discs, spinal stenosis, and arthritis. Janet is a wonder. She has helped me so much. I no longer get muscle spasms and my range of motion and enery level are improved 100%. She is not your typical massage therapist. Every time you go to her it is never the same. She instinctively knows what your body needs the most and fixes it. She is intuitive.  I also bring my 6 year old son to her. He has cerebral palsy and within just 2 sessions he is able to move more freely than he ever has. 


Where do you start, when you are describing the kind of healing services Janet Sacco provides? I originally started seeing Janet 30 months ago for chronic back pain. After several months of Acupuncture with Wayne Messiano and massage with Janet - I found myself to be 95-100% pain free and continue to be to this day. I feel great!! I have continued seeing them both once a month to work on the little things that can nag busy parents and spouses. I have had all of Janet's services including cupping, hot stone and Swedish massage. Her knowledge of pressure points and essential oils is amazing. Janet is a true professional.


I have had Janet use “Raindrop Technique” along with Cupping for my low back pain.  Was amazed at the relief I felt from the treatment. I have also started acupuncture with Paul, and though I have only had a few treatments feel the results.


I have been seeing Janet for over a year now.  My first appointment with her was a Hot Stone Massage.  That was such an incredible experience and helped my back pain so much that I now see her every month. She helps with much more than your average therapist.  She even makes me custom ointments with essential oils.  She made me one for gall stones.  I bought two more.  I think the stones are gone now.  I will find out when I get my scheduled xray.


I would also like to comment on Queenie as far as the work Janet does for her. The herbal blend has helped her tremendously! But I also incorporate the techniques Janet taught me as well. This poor dog needs both. Because Queenie is taking the blend and feeling better, she is more active so she tends to overdo. When she does too much activity, she is a little sore, nothing like before, and she enjoys her soak in the tub with the Janet  recommended combo of epsom salt and wintergreen oil. Yes, I said tub. As soon as I run the water and fill the cup with the epsom and wintergreen, Queenie runs to the bathroom and can’t wait to get in the tub. It gives her instant relief from inital pain due to over exertion. The combo of Janet’s energy work/epsom wintergreen soak and Paul’s herbal blend has improved the quality of life for this dog by 100%. I love Queenie, and she is part of the family and I am so glad that she is able to be with us pain free. Thanks you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And, THANKS Janet for the energy work you do on Queenie as well!!!!!!!


First off I would like to say that I couldn’t thank Janet and Paul enough for all they have done for me and my MANY symptoms that I struggled with from Lyme Disease. I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease roughly two years ago. I went to every doctor possible and was diagnosed with anxiety, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, you name it they said I had it. I got prescribed tons of medication, none that worked. After dealing with that I finally was diagnosed with Lymes. The doctor put me on one month of doxycycline and said I was fine. It just kept getting worse and worse and no one believed me. So I found an LLMD who specializes in Lyme and he put me on another 6 months of antibiotics. I started to feel a little bit better but I think the antibiotics were making other things worse for example my stomach. During those 6 months I was also receiving acupuncture and massages for the joint pain, brain fog, and tiredness. When I was done the antibiotics I still didn’t feel 100 percent that’s when I really turned to Janet and Paul for help. I did anything they recommended. Paul was making me herbal formulas, every month that really helped, and Janet was giving me Therapeutic Massages, Raindrop, Cupping, Scrubs, and these Chinese Herbal Healing Topicals and bath salts.  The first thing I started to do was take a foot bath once a day with custom salt blends which Janet made for me. Even though I wasn’t 100 percent my boyfriend and I went to Europe for 3 and a half weeks and every day I was there I took my herbal formula from Paul and my foot bath from Janet and did just fine. I did better than everybody else on the tour that wasn’t sick. I kept up everyday and rarely complained about having joint pain or being as tired as I normally was. The salt and herbal tea and topicals helped me so much.  I still take footbaths in salt when I’m really feeling down.

Lymes disease is so hard to deal with because the symptoms are always changing, which throws off doctors. Lymes can’t solely be diagnosed on blood work; it has to be diagnosed on symptoms. I must say that with any symptom I was having Janet and Paul had something to help me get thru it.

With everything I have done with Janet and Paul I can honestly say I’m 85 percent better. Im not sleeping all day and I went back to school to finish my last two pre requisites for graduate school that I keep putting off. I also go out more with my friends now and started exercising 4 days a week. They haven’t just helped me feel better physically but they have also taught me a lot along the way. I am more conscious of how my body feels and what it needs. I also eat a lot better than I did which also makes me feel better.

Sandi T

Janet is good.  Very good.  No matter what I go to her for she corrects it.  I had been having acupuncture for my back pain but it wasn't going completely away.  However, once I started doing both I was able to get well.  Janet has corrected everything from chronic pain to brain fog.  She uses oils, Bodywork and Energy Work.  I don't know exactly how she does it but she does!


I have been having abdominal and intestinal issues for awhile.   I recieved a Qi Nei Tsang (I'm not sure if that is the way to spell it) session with Janet. (Stomache and Internal Organ Massage)  Within 2 days my intestines were normal and my stomach felt so much better.  Janet, that was amazing!  YOU are amazing!


I am so glad that I found Janet.  She is a great healer.  I tell everybody about her.  She has helped me with chronic pain when no one else could.  She had this technique where she lays me on my side and gets in real deap around my hip. She also cups me. I feel so much better afterward.  She has also relieved my TMJ pain. I had been looking for someone who could help me.  I had no idea she could until I asked her if she knew of anyone who could.  She said yes, I can.  I had medical massage in school.  I was amazed that a massage therapist could do this.

Mary Louise

I can't emphasize enough how beneficial my massage sessions with you have been. With my upcoming surgeries, comes alot of anxiety and stress. Along with my acupuncture treatments from Paul, massage therapy has really complimented the process of relieving my physical pain as well as my mental "tension". Thanks so much.


Anyone out there who suffers from pain, stress, back trouble, neurological disorders, stress, headaches, the list could go on and on, needs to see Janet. When you here the term massage therapist, you automatically think , \"oh it\'s like a spa massage\". WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Janet is so much more. You have to go for a treatment with her to see for yourself. I can sing her praises all day, but until you go yourself you won\'t understand why I WON\'T GO TO ANYONE ELSE. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment. You\'ll be glad you did. Hey, ladies, you\'ll pay $30, $40, $100 at a salon for hair and nails. If you think that makes you feel better, this will make you feel like a new woman.


"I think so many people could be helped by your special "Cupping technique" used in your massages.  Pain is gone by the time I'm leaving the building.  And your TMJ massage  has stopped that pain for almost 6 weeks now.   Thanks, Janet, for bringing this gift you have to Vineland."     Myra C.

How can one describe Energy Work but to say that when done by someone like Janet it changes your whole out look on life and that, that is Holistic. Janet is a pure soul who gives her heart to all whom she works on.

I have been to others who do this type of work and can tell you that Janet's love of what she does comes thru in her work. You walk away with an experience that  can only be described as a sense of peace. We hold so much in that when Janet works on you she helps you release all that your soul does not need. I speak of this work for me because it has been on a soul level. But for my mother who Janet worked on it was magical I would not have believed it if I did not see it.

My mother was in the hospital and was throwing up due to a condition call a Hihatel hernia. They put a tube down her throat into her stomach to stop the vomiting. While this worked they then removed it and a day later it started again. They said if she did not stop throwing up they would have to tube her again.

I called Janet and she did distant healing on my mother, after about 30 minutes my mother stopped throwing up. The next day my mother, who was not eating, asked for breakfast.  She then said "could you ask that girl who worked on me last night to come back"?

Now my mom is 82 years old knows nothing about this type of work, yet on a soul level she knew Janet was working on her not physically but by distance healing. I think that says it all don't you?

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