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Janet Sacco, cmt

Graduate of, A Center for Massage and Healing Arts, a state approved school in Vineland New Jersey with a 600 hour program. 

I first became interested in alternative healing about 25 years ago, in 1986.  I woke up one morning to a low grade backache in the lower lumbar region.  The pain became more intense over the next few days so I went to the Doctor for help.  After the tests were completed he called me into his office and told me the pain was due to a birth defect.  The bones in my sacrum had never fused properly and he felt that a few days rest would do the trick.

It didn’t.  The following morning when I got out of bed I just fell to the floor.  I lost the use of both of my legs.  No pain, not even in my back, just a sensation of being cut off from the waist down.  I was sent to various specialists and special facilities – an Osteopath, a Neurologist, a Muscular Dystrophy Center and a Multiple Sclerosis Center.   During this time I also lost the use of an arm and had partial use of the other.  Not one of the specialist could seem to find out what was wrong.  Up to this point in my life I was an active and healthy person who never called out of work due to illness.

Three months later, and still no better, my father came over and picked me up to take me to his Chiropractor.  I did not agree to go, he literally picked me up and took me.  I really didn’t think a Chiropractor could help me when all the specialist couldn’t.  I had never been to one and never planned on going to one.  They were not as highly thought of in 1986 as they are now.

Dr. Paul Galante had me back to work in five business days.  He diagnosed me with systemic Candida, something most traditional Doctors still don’t get, and gave me massive doses of Caprilic acid and Acidophilous.  He was not your traditional Chiropractor. He was trained in Herbs and Kinesiology.   He became my mentor and taught me a lot about herbs, alternative health care, and non traditional approaches to healing.  Thank you Dr. Galante, for being far beyond our time, and for sharing your knowledge with me.

About 18 years later, in 2004, I became a client of Sissy’s.  Sissy is a Massage Therapist and healing practitioner.  She is also a graduate of the Barbara Brennan school.  She introduced me to energy work and to Essential Oils.  Since essential oils are produced from herbs, energy work an extension of kinesiology, I became fascinated by each of them.  I saw both as a natural evolution of what Dr. Galante’s taught me 20 years before I met Sissy.  I also viewed massage as a way to apply each of them quickly.  I entered school and graduated in 2005.

I currently work with, and learn from, two acupuncturists, Paul Edward Lewis and Wayne Mesiano, and Jill Mesiano, a foot reflexologist at Evolutions for Conscious Living, an integral medicine and holistic health center owned by Wayne, where clients enjoy a host of modalities, practices and education regarding alternative medicine.  

Funny thing about life - 25 years after my experience I find myself a practitioner in a place where most people come because they could not find help through traditional medicine.  Hmmm

Hope to see you soon,


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